Angel Fall

Canaima is the key attraction in Venezuela. It charms with its natural beauty of the five waterfalls feeding at once the Canaima Lagoon. Here is situated the highest waterfall in the world with more than 1000m free fall: The breathtaking Angel Fall. An unbelievable experience!

Day 1:
Early in the morning you leave either from Santa Elena or Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima. The flight takes about one hour in a small Cessna. During the flight you will have a great bird view over Canaima and the Gran Sabana.

Arriving in Canaima you will discover the famous lagoon in which lead five different waterfalls, all are next to each other, and make a fantastic shoot. You pass the waterfalls closely in a small boat. Afterwards you walk for about 20 minutes to the impressive Waterfall Sapo.

Here you are walking behind and for sure you will get wet! You will have a warm dinner and an overnight stay in Canaima in beds at the opposite side of the lagoon.

Day 2:
After breakfast you will have a nice boat ride on the Carrao River. In dry season is it possible that men have to push the boat. You will enjoy beautiful views of the flat top Mountains when you enter the Devil's Canyon.

After a 4 hours dugout ride you start a 90 minutes hike to the viewpoint for the Angel Falls. Imagine being under the highest waterfall in the world! Lunch is served next to the river. There will be a warm dinner in the evening and an overnight stay in hammocks opposite the Angel Falls.

Day 3:
After breakfast you have one last chance to take a photo of the Angel Fall in the morning sun. Then you return back to the Canaima airport. From here you fly back to Ciudad Bolivar and can enjoy for the last time the beautiful bird perspective of one of Venezuela's great attractions.

Key information:

Days: 3

Level of difficulty: (1=easy 5=difficult)

All prices are per person.

What's included:
Airfare 2-way Ciudad Bolivar-Canaima
Transportation in small boat
Accommodation in beds and hammocks
Professional Tour guide, bilingual 2x breakfast, 3x lunch and 2x dinner
Excursions as listed

What to bring:
insect repellent
sun protection
swim wear
light clothing
good walking shoes
pocket knife

How to get to Ciudad Bolivar:

Daily plane to Ciudad Bolivar by Rutaca (800,-euros one way) from Caracas, Santa Elena and many other local airports.

Bus connection from Caracas (12h), Puerto Ordaz (1h) and Santa Elena (11h). We recommend the comfortable busses from Expresos Occidente, Los Llanos and Caribe. If not available you can also use "Turgar" or "San Cristobal".

Other info: We also provide a pick up service or assistance at the international airport in Caracas.

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