La Gran Sabana

The Gran Sabana is a truly unique place! With waterfalls, rainforest, the 1000m high savannah, the oldest mountains on earth, the mysterious flat top mountains, also called the last white points on earth! Enjoy with us an unforgettable tour through this wonderful lost world!

Day 1: Santa Elena - Salto Kama
We start from Santa Elena in the morning and go for 40 minutes in our Toyota to the Jaspe waterfall which is hidden in the jungle. It offers with its red shiny Jaspe stones a great photo opportunity. After 40 minutes by Toyota we arrive at the long natural waterslide of Soruape.

This natural waterslide has a length of 30 meters. Furthermore we will go to the Pacheco waterfall and our guide will explain the unique vegetation of this area. We will find lots of insect eating plants. Imagine: From 18 families of carnivore plants that exist worldwide do 5 species live here in the Gran Sabana.

Then we continue to an ancient holy Indian place, where the natives used to ask the gods to make their wishes come true. From here we have an amazing panoramic view of six flat top mountains. The last waterfall of the day is the 55m high Kama waterfall. The overnight stay is next to the 55m high Kama waterfall in beds with mosquito nets run by an Indian family in the National Park Canaima.

Day 2: Salto Kama - Aponwao – Kavanayen
We go to the Indian village Iboribo and taking a small boat for 20 minutes in order to arrive at Chinak Meru, also known as Aponwao waterfall which is the highest waterfall in this region.

It has 107m free fall! We will have the chance to walk down to see the enormous power of the water from nearby. Afterwards we return to the Indian village for lunch and we go to our camp in Kavanayen that is in the heart of the Gran Sabana. We visit the mission where the fathers teach the Indians to improve their agricultural techniques. In Kavanayen we have dinner and sleep in beds.

Day 3: Kavanayen - La Cortina- Santa Elena
After breakfast we enjoy a refreshing bath at the Kawi waterfall with an 8m high drop from where you we jump into the water. Afterwards we walk to a viewpoint of the flat top mountains and have lunch in the Indian community of San Francisco. The last attraction is the adrenalin pushing walk behind the waterfall: La Cortina. This attraction depends on the water level because safety comes first, but in 80% of the excursions we can do it! An unforgettable experience! Then we return to Santa Elena, where our tour ends.

Key information:

Days: 3

Level of difficulty: (1=easy  5=difficult)

Minimum 2 persons required. All prices are per person.

What's included:
Transportation Professional Tour guide, bilingual Two breakfasts, three lunches and two suppers  Excursions as listed

What to bring:
insect repellent sun protection hat swim wear light clothing good walking shoes flashlight pocket knife passport

How to get to Santa Elena:
Daily plane from Ciudad Bolivar to Santa Elena by Rutaca (140 $US one way).

Bus connection from Caracas (22h), Ciudad Bolivar (9h) and Puerto Ordaz (8h).

We recommend the comfortable busses from Expresos Occidente, Los Llanos and Caribe. If not available you can also use "Turgar" or "San Cristobal

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